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Moving Home

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As an existing BT infinity customer will i lose access to the BT Sport and BT TV extra app whilst going through the homemover process?  I wont have a seamless switch of service, its just not possbile to arrange.

The property I am moving to will need BT service installed for the first time, this cannot be arranged until i actually move in (although i could place an order maybe 2 weeks before i move), so i can well imagine waiting 2- 4 weeks for a new provision, so i will be without a BT landline and broadband for the time so will access to the BT TV app extra and BT Sport app be disabled even though I have a homemover order in the system?

It will be a pain if i lose access to the BT Sport app and the BT TV extra  app during that period?

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Re: Moving Home

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Hi @wenklaw,

As long as you place a home mover order, then the BT TV app should remain active.

If you were to place a separate cease order at the old address and then a provider order at the new address you would lose the BT TV app service until the service its provided at the new address.



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