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Moving House NIGHTMARE

I moved house on the 08/07/2013, informed BT well in advance to transfer phone line and broadband. All seemed okay and BT confirmed everything would swap over fine.


Moved in - no internet. 


Around a week later after numerous phonecalls, my old account was cancelled (apparently BT decided the old one couldn't be transferred) and a new one set up at the new address. Internet switched on and everything fine. 


Last Monday, the new line was disconnected. BT had cancelled both of the accounts rather than just the old one.


After numerous phonecalls, I was told I needed to set up yet another account and the line would not be reactivated until the 23rd (even though it was active last week!).


It has been a right hassle - moving house is bad enough without this on top! Worst customer service I have ever encountered and no one seems in a rush to sort out the problem. Why can't they reactivate it quicker? 


Posted a message on here and emailed the mods last week... and heard nothing.

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Re: Moving House NIGHTMARE

I sympathise - here's my tale
Fri 02/08 - place home move request for 07/08 - was informed all in place, including engineer visit to install Infinity (I have Infinity, BT Vision, phone)
Today - received text message to contact BT, was provided with PIN to do so; however was placed in a long queue (surely if I'm requested by BT to contact them, it is good manners to take my call without an inordinate wait)?
Eventually spoke with an adviser to be told 07/08 not now possible, but unable to say why. He said he would get back to me to discuss a new date. No call was received, just an e-mail with a new date - 15/08 - this is not suitable, so I had to call again, once more being placed in a long queue.
An adviser said I needed to discuss with Order Management team, and he would put me through, but I didn't go directly - I was placed in another long queue !  After waiting for some time, I spoke with Ahmed, who said he would discuss with "Infinity" team, and did I mind briefly being placed on "hold". However, after a short time on hold (music playing), I was put into another queue - "we are very busy " etc etc !!   After waiting for long time I had to hang up.  
Now, I understand the need to wait sometimes at busy times, but to be twice placed into long queues within the same call, after the original wait, is very frustrating, particularly as BT requested me to contact them, to change an appointment BT had originally arranged. 
I don't know what to do now (I don't have the will to go back into the queues)as I had to end the call without speaking to the "Infinity team", as Ahmed referred. 
The BT website states "Let us take the stress out of your Home move".  If only this were true.
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