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Moving home - beware


Just wanted to share my recent not very pleasant experience with BT and the things you should be aware of when moving home. BT will silently put you on a new contract(s) when you are moving your home and want to keep their services. When I was moving and requested BT to move my landline/broadband, I got the order confirmation by e-mail, but it did not state the new contract terms. I also could not see it anywhere in MyBT. I only found out because recently I've switched to a new provider and BT has sent me an email with information about additional charges. Tried contacting BT helpline about this, but it was useless (they told me I'm on no contract) but after a bit of struggle I managed to find the details here: - section Charges or contracts

Basically, if you move hour home:

- BT will put you on a new 12 month contract for the telephone line
- BT will put you on a new 3 month contract for your broadband

And won't tell you about these new contracts.

Luckily, the new provider has promised to credit my account equal the BT cancellation charges, so no harm done, just the experience with BT wasn't that pleasant.

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