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Moving home (need help)

I will be moving into a temporary accomidation on the 18th of this month whilst i save for a new place for 6 months, therefore i need to suspend my account until i get the new place then resume the services, i'm being told that because I do no know the address to the new place I have to cancel the contract and pay a fee of £350 Which I cannot afford - what do I do? Just keep paying the monthly price on this account for this address even though different tenants will be living here?

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Re: Moving home (need help)

Welcome to this user forum.


BT do not allow you to suspend your account, and you would not be able to do it anyway, as the new tenants would apply to take over the line and a letter would be sent to you giving you 10 days to cancel the takeover.


If you do not reply, then the line will be taken over, and you will be billed for cancellation charges.


You cannot simply keep paying for the line, and anyway, it would cost you the same as cancelling.


You have no option but to cancel, but you need to give 30 days notice.


This link explains the cancellation notice period in more detail. 


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