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Moving house FAQ's

Some questions about moving house with BT...
1. Does moving house mean I would start a new contract?
2. A house I am interested in is in a fibre area but the BT wholesale checker says 'waiting...' which means there is no spare capacity. If the house I move in to uses fibre, would I automatically take that slot in the cabinet? Or should I expect to downgrade to ADSL?
3. If no fibre capacity and I do have to downgrade to ADSL to a really **bleep** speed like 3Mb (a house in quite a rural area) could I end the contract? In this scenario I'd probably look to getting 4g broadband.
Many thanks
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Re: Moving house FAQ's

1 - A new 12 month minimum term for the line on all home move orders, broadband contracts can be carried over on existing terms, although sometimes a new line install is needed depending on the target address, BT will normally waive that charge (£130) if you renew the broadband.

2 - If when you place the homemove order there's no slots for FTTC, you would have to downgrade, any change of service would then mean a new 24 month term, you could cancel but there might be charges, the home move team will confirm that.

3 - The estimated speeds and stay fast guarantee would be provided before the order was placed, you can end a contract with BT anytime, if you're in a minimum term you would need to ask what/if the fee is, the contract you have now is to provide service at your current address, if you choose to change then it's not BT's fault you made that choice, the home move team will explain all options for you.

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