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My 2 year Bt contract coming to an end.

So thought i'd call the cancellation number to find out what level of retention discount i'd be offered.
Was on the line for over 40minutes, passed to 3 different advisors, given four different prices by each advisor for complete broadband, phone & tv package, none of which compared favourably at all to Bt's online package prices for new contracts/customers.
I felt the last advisor tried to mislead me into purchasing a Youview box for £299 at a later date after renewing the contract - despite having received an email from Bt just today offering me an "Earlybird" deal on the new Youview box for just £49 + delivery cost.
Done some quick price comparing online, & despite being on a unbundled Bt line & exchange - i find i'm able to get lower line rental, anytime calls, exact same broadband speed, significantly greater data allowance & additional features, + security for a much lower price than any quoted to me over the phone today from Bt.

I'm now in possession of my MAC Code!.

Bye BRITISH TELECOM, was sort of (sometimes) nice while it lasted. Just a pity for you that you place obscene profit overflow, waylaying & duplicity as an ultimate priority before that of customer loyalty, retention & satisfaction.  

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