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My BT account - broken

Hi all,

I wrote a short while ago about not being able to see any deals in my account. The problem has now got worse, and for the past few weeks I can't see my broadband details any more. Furthermore, my account seems very confused as to what package I'm on.

  • My actual package: Superfast Fibre 3 Plus (200 up, 20 down)
  • My BT > Your products > Broadband says: Sorry, we can’t show your broadband details at the moment
  • My latest bill says: Full Fibre 300 with Halo 1
  • BT app > Your products > Broadband says: Your broadband with Halo 1 (200 Mbps)
  • BT app > Your usage says: FULL FIBRE 300 HALO 1

A couple of weeks ago I tried talking to the "technical team" on live chat, which was unfortunately a complete joke and ended with them telling me they'd "made some changes" to my account and to check again in a few hours. Of course, nothing happened and this was just to get rid of me and my difficult problem.

Can somebody tell me who can fix this? I've never signed up for Full Fibre 300 and I'm certainly not getting the speeds for it (I get spot on 200 consistently), so why is it on my bill/app?

Thank you!

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