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My BT nightmare

I applied for a new BT infinity and phone line after moving to my new address 5 weeks ago. I was very happy with my previous service provider i.e SKY but they didn't have coverage in this area.

Anyway I hoped it would be a smooth transition but 5 weeks on and I'm still without internet.

First of all the earliest engineer visit available was more than 2 weeks from the day I placed the order. On the said day I received a text telling me the engineer's name and phone number and that he was on his way. I immediately called him to let him know I'll be at my place in 15 mins (I'm a doctor and we don't get a full day leave unless exceptional circumstances). He didn't pick the phone. Left a voice message and text. Reached the property, saw him sitting in his BT van but he denied entertaining me and left saying I wasn't on his list.
Called BT who confirmed the engineer had just left my place saying there was noone at the property!

Got booked for a date 8 days later. Kept waiting for a call or text all day. In the afternoon called BT and they replied the engineer came to my place and left saying there was noone. I pointed out that I didn't receive any call or text and the prior commitment was for them to inform me 15 mins in advance and I'd immediately drive to my place but was told he tried calling twice and it went to voice mail! Asked them where was the voice mail? They said he didn't leave any. How convenient!

Got another appointment a week later. This time I got a leave from work! The engineer came and installed the line. Was told it will be activated by midnight. Waited all night and the next morning and still no connection. Called BT who gave a logic that I, with all my qualifications, couldn't comprehend.
They said the outreach made a mistake and haven't put me down as a broadband request. And that I should wait and would be updated in about 8 days from now!

I, by this time, am so exhausted and frustrated that I don't even want to raise this any further. I have been treated the worst possible way in my life. Been lied to on my face, put off, bounced around from one department to another without anyone taking any responsibility. 5 weeks and I'm still without internet.
I work really hard in my job. Give everyone my full honesty and commitment. And then I go outside and am treated like this. I don't even want anyone to reply and offer help. I've been this route multiple times in the last few weeks. I just want someone, who in some way is incharge at BT, to introspect. To think how frustrating it would feel if they were dealt like this!
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Re: My BT nightmare

This is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go to BT although the forum is moderated by BT not every post is read
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