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My BT saga


So here goes,


I placed an order for BT infinity on the 5th of August and was given an activation date of Tuesday August 26th, so far so good. I get an email on Sunday 24th saying BT tried to contact me but were unsuccessful (which is nonsense as I had no missed calls) they gave me a number to call which when I did turned out that there call centre is shut Sunday and due to it being a bank holiday on the Monday I couldn't phone them until Tuesday 26th (my activation date).


After speaking on the phone to BT they didn't seem to know what was going on and said they'd call me tomorrow. I missed the call the next morning as I was on a train so I called them again only to be subjected to the worst customer service ever where the person on the phone spelt my name wrong three times even after I spelt it out. It turned out that there had been a problem with my order so they'd cancelled it and given a new activation date of September the 11th.


Then in early September I get another call saying that there's another problem and that they've cancelled the second order and given me a new activation date of the 20th of October (nearly 11 WEEKS after my initial order). At this point I'd had enough and told BT to cancel my order. Additionally when coming home from work one of the neighbour tells me that BT have sent a letter telling him that they were taking over his line due to an order there, so it looks as if BT tried to set up the account at the wrong address. Additionally when I spoke to them on the phone about my second order they got my address wrong (this time with yet another random house number!) even though I have to give my address and postcode as verification when I phone the call centre.


I was told I'd receive my refund (of nearly £200) within two days. Failing this I called only to be told that they'd refunded the money to my BT account and not my bank account and that it would take 7-8 working days to get my refund. After 10 working days I still haven't received my refund so I call again. They tell me that they can't resend the money to my account and say that they will try and refund the card I used instead but that it would take 5-7 working days.


Has anyone else had similar problems? I wish I'd have gone with sky in the first place I could have saved myself all this hassle.

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Re: My BT saga

Hi Dac210


Sorry you have had so many problems when trying to get this order completed.


I can have this investigated for you. Please send us an email using the contact the mods link in my profile, you can find it in the section about me.





Community ModeratorStuartH
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