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My Order has been cancelled

I currently have fibre with another ISP and line + phone line is being cancelled on Monday. I ordered fibre and phone with BT on 19th May. I am now worried as I clicked on track order today and there is no activation date. I ordered through cashback websitesite offer and pre paid credit card. I called BT Customer Services who told me that the order I originally placed 2 weeks ago has been cancelled due to a problem on the line???? They did not tell me this before!! They will call me on Tuesday to place a new order over the phone. The lady from India would not answer my question regarding the offer at time of original order. I fear that I will have no phone line or broadband for at least a week as router is being delivered on Monday 8th. With my kids needing Internet for school homework and revision I am trying to minimise internet downtime. Is it best to cancel order and reorder online via cashback site?  

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Re: My Order has been cancelled

If you cancel and re-order, you'll be more likely to get any deal you were offered, but you will go to the back of the queue when it comes to the installation date.


If there's any problem with an order, BT can be rubbish at sorting it out.  They often don't bother to tell you that there's a problem, and their usual "solution" is to cancel the order, then re-order it again in the hope that something different happens the second time.



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Re: My Order has been cancelled

I'm in quite a similar position.


Ordered BT infinity on 16th May expecting quidco cashback (£120), visa card (£100) and special rates at the time.

I also prepaid line rental.

Activation date 3rd June .. that didn't happen.


Apparently the order has been cancelled. I didn't do it.

BT seem to blame my current supplier, for not providing a 'line sieze date'.


I've spent several hours on the phone this week trying to resolve this.


I expect BT to honour the agreement I signed up to - i.e. the same service, rates, cashback, visa card.

i.e. honour the agreement we made on 16/05, and which I have not cancelled.


The folks at the call centre (I have spoken to people from consumer ops, orders, sales department) are unable to

resolve the situation.


They have told me to use the 'live chat' online support .... who in turn told me to go back to the call centre.


In the end, I have been given two options:

1] place a new order via call-centre. they would honour the rates from 16/05 but not the VISA or QUIDCO.

  i.e. I am £220 out of pocket.

2] place a new order online. I would get the current rates, current QUIDCO, no VISA.

  i.e. I am £100 visa out of pocket, and a load more because I would miss the special offer.


The call centre folks say that there is no 'eascalation' route except to write to 'customer complaints' ... which I will do.


I suggest you do the same.

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Re: My Order has been cancelled

BT would not pay the Quidco part as it is nothing to do with BT
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