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NO INTERNET FOR 6 MONTHS! Customer service is awful!!!!

All I want from this post is for someone with some level of respect for their customers, to actually do something about my internet situation. Now im going to try and be as accurate as i can with the dates, but its been a long time and many dates, which the my BT tab doesnt show anymore.

February 26th: I saw I could finally get FTTP in my area, and of course I jumped on this, and BT were quick to get me signed up and switched me over from my old ISP. They gave me committed activation date of mid march (march 14th i believe, so two weeks after placing order) and there should be engineers outside property week before that

March 8th:  No external engineers, which is fine i was expected to see anyone. however, my neighbour had his external ones come and left some stuff outside his house which i didnt get so was slightly concerned. 

March 14th: the day my internet should go in, (I needed to be in so I had to take annual leave). NO ONE SHOWS! I phone around 1pm to ask where they are, and i get told hes on his way... 2pm nothing... 3pm nothing... 4pm 5pm.. nothing....

March 15th: I phone, and there is an issue with 'estimates', this will set us back a week and then BT can send an engineer.

March 21st: a week goes by, not a word from BT, I phone and its still the same story.

another week rolls by, lockdown. 

Now understandably this isnt BT's fault. However, what has now happened:
o They have sold me a service which that they didnt have
o Committed me to it with their dates, cut me off my old provider
o Have now left me without internet at the end of the month once payment for old ISP is up

(and probably wouldn't have done anything about it if I didnt phone up and ask for some form of internet. they put me on 5mbps through copper...yay... which is never actually the speed, it ranges between 0.2 -3mbps) 

Now what my dad does for work in my house is train paramedic teams, during coronavirus, we had to train a lot of people as there was a lot of transport needed. now this is done externally ofc but a lot of the paperwork, tests, RDC etc has to now be done from home.

Now i too was working from home and also had to be connected to an RDC and my phone connected by an app to my work phone. not good! 

(something i would learn in april, is opening instagram would crash the entire internet) 

March 30th: I speak to BT about this, i urged them that this was important, and they did nothing but offer me £40 credit... thanks. and told me we are now high priority and will have internet done by end of april! okay fine, I lived around my dads work routine, trying to limit my internet use. 

End of April: nothing. no engineers, no communication from bt. nothing. I phone, okay now its the end of may. 

End of May: Nothing. now the activation date is end of June. okay, i have waited this long. its a **bleep** time for the whole country, but June that seems fine. and construction work had begun to start up again

Beginning of June: BT and Openreach vans spring up all over my area, all of my neighbours are now having their fibre installed. I spoke to my neighbours and they had all ordered just a few weeks prior and they got it no issue.

Optimistic me, maybe it finally will go in at the end of June now i know work is going on, SURELY!

Middle of June (my external engineer arrival date): Nothing, BT want to have a survey done on my house for whatever reason

I ask can they put me on FTTC so we have a least some internet in the house. They tell me thats not possible.

Middle of July: SOMEONE ARRIVES! 

Now this guy, hes not a bt guy or an openreach guy... hes just a guy... and hes telling me that there's an obstruction. "where?" I ask, and he gives me some vague response thats it roughly 20ft up the drive under the bushes. no scanner out to show where on the route. just that its there....

HIS SOLUTION! dig up my entire driveway, and put an entire new route in. he doesnt want to dig out the privately owned bushes incase the council tell him off... they are my bushes... but this is honest to god what he said. 

now what was suspect, was he was climbing behind all the bushes saying he can get 'this far' to the box but no further, but the box to the route was no where near the bushes... very confusing.

anyway, he reports back BT, i need an entire new route up my driveway, gonna have to dig it all up, lay the route, place down the driveway (fails to mention anything about a little obstruction, which we dont know is real or not)

End of July: New activation date... SEPTEMBER 25TH! no no no.... i cant work like this any longer.

I also find out its completely possible to put me on FTTC. I was a bt infinity customer years ago, all the work is done. they can easily do it. no problem. but i have to cancel my order, place a new one, and then upgrade. and pay for all this of course. well no, i dont want to cancel so you can get out of messing me about. they refuse to put me on FTTC okay fine.

August 1st: I phone up, and i tell them to bring this forward. They cant. 

I mention what the subcontractor had failed to. about the obstruction, they have no notes about an obstruction. I say well if you're removing an obstruction and not relaying a driveway, surely then. NOPE! Okay..... what if i remove the obstruction... YEP! "If you can remove that obstruction, we can do it on August 28th!" 

August 8th: Iv lost my mind. Im about to dig a hole for my internet... My neighbour has measured 20ft up the route using those tubes you put under the ground. trying to find this obstruction. I chop down bushes and dig what i class as a trench... I find nothing. not even a route, and if i went any further down it would just be dangerous and not an internet route i would be finding. 

August 10th: I phone BT. I tell them I tried digging the find the obstruction and i couldnt. If they could send someone with a camera and one of those scanners, and we find exactly where it is, im willing to dig another one. JUST SO WE ALL KNOW! 

Well im told, i should be digging at all! they dont have enough time and engineers to do that, but be assured because on August 28th they are sending a groundwork team and engineers to remove any obstruction and put the internet in!!

...So why did i have to dig a hole?... whatever, okay, good, end of the month its in. fine. 

August 23rd: I phone BT just to make sure the work is happening on August 28th (because My BT account still said september 25th) and they say yep, its all good that dates just to keep it fluid, a full groundwork team is coming yep yep yep AND they are phoning me on the 29th to ask if work has started.

August 28th: Nothing.. I phone, oh no anytime between 28th and 31st!. Youre still getting your phone call on the 29th (sigh okay fine!)  

its bank holiday weekend. Very doubtful work is happening on this sunday or monday...

So Today's date is August 29th and im writing this because not only did BT not show, but they didn't even muster the competence to call me.... 

Now some dates iv missed out because iv had so many conversations this whole thing is a blur to me now. I think i have spent something around 10+ hours on the phone to BT maybe more

They have cost me days in annual leave having to wait for engineers

I have had to dig bloody holes!

I have not been able to watch a film or play a game or basically anything on the internet in HALF A YEAR!! 

so far bt have credited £200 on my account and in an attempt to make me happy. im not happy. i really couldnt care less about you crediting my account.

why you think its acceptable to treat your customers like this? JUST TELL ME WHY THE WORK CANT BE DONE AND BE HONEST!

I want some solution here, please!! I have been so patient and have never been rude to any members of your staff. this is so ridiculous. I CANT EVEN GET A PHONE CALL FROM YOU! 

someone help.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: NO INTERNET FOR 6 MONTHS! Customer service is awful!!!!

that is some lengthy reading of a bad situation.  

This is a customer help customer community forum and your post does not go to BT

Are you in contact with the FTTP team on 08005874787?

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Re: NO INTERNET FOR 6 MONTHS! Customer service is awful!!!!

yeah I know it’s a bit of a stretch, i was just hoping maybe there is a guardian angel who moderates the forums and pokes someone at BT.

and I think I have spoken to every team under the sun at bt haha, going to spend all Sunday on the phone to them until I get some action!

Thank you for your help 🙂

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