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New Broadband Install

Hi there,


I am facing a bit of a debacle.

I had an appointment for the 5th Dec, took a day off, storms arrive in the morning, so I'm expecting a call to say look we are busy because of the storms. Nothing until 4 pm then by email, sorry cant make it see you on the 19th. So I called to take issue with this and to be fair BT arranged another appointment for Monday the 9th, so spoke to boss, arranged to work from home am. Working from home entails a working broadband connection.

Engineer shows up, no issues, showed him where the master box was, where I'd run the cable to. He connected both ends, installed the home hub 5, got the blue light, my job is done. Hang on lets see if we can connect, no joy, do you have a wireless device, yes, still no joy. He disappears to the van, comes back, I spoken to my boss my job is done, you'll need to speak to the customer helpline and exits the property.


I would add that this gentleman was a sub-contractor to BT.


I phone, very polite young lady. He should have stayed until connected but the system updates at midnight, it should appear then, I'll call you back tomorrow. I get a call the next day before the pre-arranged time explain what the engineer had done, was told that he should have stayed until connected, dont worry I'll sort this out.


I miss the next call, try phoning back, the message tells me that they will call back.


I finish work and get home to find I'm no better off. So I initiate the call again, go through the same story again. We can arrange an engineer but it cant be tomorrow because of the way our systems work. Ok I'll arrange it for Friday pm, so thats where I am, 5 days on and unsure if I'll have anything sorted by the weekend!


The young lady was very polite, offered to re-imburse me the cost of a 3g dongle, which I am currently using to post this, but for a company like BT the performance is to say the least pretty poor.


There seems to be a total disconnect between the different parts of BT, with absolutely no flexibilty to resolve customer issues, they employ less than competent sub-contractors to carry out the work, and to date ownership of the situation is decidedly lacking.


I have no broadband, I have a BT Hub with a nice blue light, the interface tells me I am connected to the internet........


To top it off I received a flyer from BT yesterday, headline, 'Nows the time to switch to the UKs most reliable broadband'


BT your havin' a laugh ain't you......


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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: New Broadband Install

You have had a poor installation or I should say lack of installation. The installer, who no doubt was a contractor should have demonstrated a working installation to you before leaving.


I note that you have had a BT engineer arranged to hopefully carry out a proper job but mean while the moderators have been informed of your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are a BT UK based team and if they can help they will reply via this post.

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Re: New Broadband Install

Hi Stirlo


Thanks for posting, sorry to hear of the experience you have had so far.


Send me an email using the Contact the Mods link in my profile and I can have this looked into for you.



Community ModeratorStuartH
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