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New Customer - Set up with Standard Connection and Not Fibre!


After 4 years with Virgin and receiving poor customer service, we decided to join BT because of the lack of oversubscription in the area, the cheaper cost, and the reward card was a nice incentive.

An engineer was booked for Thursday 15th Feb between 1-6pm to install our broadband and phone line. The engineer arrived 30 minutes late (6.30pm) and spent 1.5hrs outside the property, to come back and say he didn’t have access to the exchange and so no work had been completed in that time. Engineer said someone would come out on Friday to reaolve the issue.

Rang on Friday to be told that another engineer would not be available until Monday 19th, between 8am-1pm. Our engineer for the day said he would be an hour late (2pm), then I had a text saying the engineer from Thursday would be completing the work and that he would also be late. Finally someone arrives at 4.15pm, carries out the internal work but said that Open reach had installed copper standard wires at the greenbox/exhange and not a fibre connection that we were paying for!

BT customer care assured us this was not the case and that our broadband would be up and working by midnight.

Low and behold no broadband!

Rang again this morning to be told that someone had booked it through as standard and not fibre, and that they would have to reprocess the order and that an engineer possibly wouldn’t be out now until next Monday.

Absolutely unacceptable. Is this how BT treats their new customers? Why give time slots if no one sticks to them? And who is incompetent enough to install standard instead of fibre when I CLEARLY ordered BT infinity 2. Having to wait another week for an engineer when it’s THEIR FAULT and we, as the customer, have done nothing wrong, is horrendous. Why are we being punished for their mistakes?

We’ve had to extend with Virgin as itherwise we’d be left without internet right now. Is BT going to reimburse me for that extra cost because of their screw ups?
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: New Customer - Set up with Standard Connection and Not Fibre!

do you have a working phone line yet?

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