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New build- unable to order issue FTTP

Hi there, wondering if anyone has been in the same boat before or know what's best to do next


Moved into a new build 30/11/18. Open reach installed the Modem for the house around 15th december. We was told within 24 hours this will turn green and once a solid green light shows we can place an order with BT.

However Xmas come, light was red, the site was shut nothing could be done. We managed to get openreach back out Friday 4th Jan to sort this and they managed to get the light green and all connected to the exchange.

Since then BT have been unable to process an order. They are saying that there is a "blocked head end" stopping us placing the order and this should be only a matter of 5 working days to resolve. We are still awaiting for this to be resolved

I have an email from the open reach site engineer who has been checking in to see if there's been an update and he has confirmed that everything is connected and powered to the address with no issues. The strange thing is everyone else on the street, albeit 8 properties can order internet with BT except us and our next door neighbour (detached house) 

The open reach engineer has raised this with their seniors to communicate with BT however he said they have been less than helpful. 


Anyone ever had any issues with "blocked head ends"? Any idea what you would do next? 


Appreciate any help! 



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Re: New build- unable to order issue FTTP

Contact the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787. Unfortunately the mods here  cannot presently deal with FTTP issues.

@Starwire2000 may be along with further info for you with any luck.