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New contract deposits?

Why do new contract customers for BT line/tv/broadband find at checkout on Internet it is because we are new customers and it’s in case we don’t pay any payments in the first 6 months
Surely if there’s a legally binding contract for 18 months why ask for a deposit?
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Re: New contract deposits?

Hi @johnbooth262 and welcome.


Have you had BT service previously? Sometimes the result of the credit check doesn't meet our criteria. So we ask you to pay a deposit. It's normal to ask for this and doesn't affect your credit profile in any way. Six months after signing up, we'll give you the deposit back.





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Re: New contract deposits?

My daughter and partner have not had a Bt service before
Their credit is good enough to secure a mortgage for their new home so I find it poor that a deposit of £150+ is being asked for when there is so much to pay out on a new home
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: New contract deposits?

I think you will find that its the case for all new providers, they need some security in case people do not pay their bill, as they have been caught out in the past, by people running up huge bills, then disappearing.


A mortgage is a different thing, as the house is offered as security

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