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New full fibre installation not working

I upgraded from fibre 2 to full fibre. The installation was completed but the Kelly Communications engineer left with the LOS light showing on the modem. He told me that the problem would be solved that day and that l would have working broadband by 6pm.
Two weeks later I still have no service despite numerous calls and numerous promises from BT on behalf of Openreach. I am told that there is a distribution fault and that it needs a senior engineer to find and fix the fault but no one can give me even an estimated date for the fault to be fixed. 
To say I’m exasperated is a massive understatement, especially as I had a working 60 meg connection before being offered the free upgrade to full fibre and I now have no broadband or landline. 
How do I get this sorted out and how long am I likely to wait? 

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Re: New full fibre installation not working


Try the FTTP team, they are on 0800 587 4787.