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New offers with current offers

Hi guys. Feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place.


I've upgraded from broadband to Infinity, activated Monday past, with a special offer of £10 monthly for 6 months. I'm now being offered BTTV for an introductory saving of 25%, working out at £7.50 monthly for 12 months. I'm aware I can add FREE BT Sport and/or hd for £4 monthly.


IF I were to take up this offer re TV would I automatically stop receiving the offer price for Infinity? I'm in no rush to get TV and wondering if I were to wait what other offers might be available down the line. So, bottom line guys, will I lose the Infinity offer, and do you feel it would be wiser to wait and maybe avail of a TV offer after the 6 month Infinity offer expires?


Many thanks for reading.

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