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New order - are my concerns justified?

Bit of background - I have two BT lines in my property, one of them used for domestic calls and that line has infinity 2 broadband (everything running ok).


The second line I use for work and currently has an anytime inclusive call package in operation. I got a call from BT last friday offering a deal on the work line  - everything to stay the same in terms of call package but a reduced cost per month and the addition of basic broadband at no extra cost, sounded good so I went ahead. (they suggested that I could use the BB as back up if a fault on the domestic line caused Infinity to fail)


I was given a sales order reference and expected to receive (as I have in the past) a confirmation email. So far no email has been received but I did receive a call yesterday from BT (customer service India) which confused and concerned me somewhat.


The CS operator who I must admit was pretty difficult to understand seemed to be apologising for the delay in setting up the broadband but I explained that the date given for going live was not until 12th June anyway and that I hadn't received the HH4 they would be supplying me yet anyway so I couldn't use the BB even if it was live.


He then asked asked me a question which is what really got me a bit worried, he said 'I see that you have two BT lines - which one do you want the BB connected to?' I explained the situation with Infinity on the other line (couldn't he see that that was the case from their records?).


So he apologised again and then ended the call.


i have checked this morning on MyBT and entered the Sales order reference and everything seems to be ok for implementation this Friday except that there is no mention of the anytime call plan being retained.


There is a link to click which explains that call plans cannot be displayed on 'this part of the order screen' - why not?

It then says that I should refer to the email which I never received in order to confirm what call plan is being applied.


Is this all going to go bottoms up?


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