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New pricing structure for residential FTTP products?

I just recently had FTTP activated at my property and called up with BT to confirm that it is all up and running. but the pricing was:

150mb - £44.99 (rising to £59.99 after 18 months)

330mb - £59.99 (rising to £69.99 after 18 months)

and i read an openreach announcement that they are dropping the wholesale price of FTTP starting this month by 11% for the 150mb and 36% for the 330mb which makes it alot more attractive.

My contract is up in Feb but i just recently joined BT mobile so i am saving £5 a month on my contract, and also if i choose to get FTTP with BT i will be on BT Plus which will then give me double my data, which basically means i can downgrade my current mobile plan to half the data i have now, saving another £10. 

Just wondering if anybody happens to know when they will be putting these new/lower FTTP pricing structures in effect, considering every time i speak to someone at the BT 'value team' i seem to know more about whats coming than they do and they have no idea about any of this. Thanks

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Re: New pricing structure for residential FTTP products?

No one will know until it's nnounced by BT.

BTW there is no wholesale price reduction for 150Mb. The 11% reduction is for the 110/15Mb which BT doesn't sell.

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Re: New pricing structure for residential FTTP products?

Thanks Pippin, ah yes you are right i thought the 110 was the 150.

In that case i guess i am holding out for the price drop of the 330mb, which with that price drop kind of brings it in line (couple £ difference) with the price of the 150mb, so will be interesting to see what the variation in price will be between the two packages at retail.
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