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New service issue

I ordered a new broadband service last week on moving into my new house and was given a delivery date of the 16th December. As I have no service at my new home, BT sent me a mini hub but there is no coverage where I live so I am without any connection for at least nine more days. 

I contacted the help desk to ask if delivery of my service could be expedited but they insist that there is no way that the date can be brought forward. I find it impossible to believe that an organisation the size of BT cannot fix a simple problem. Any ideas from the forum?

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Re: New service issue


As its Openreach not BT Retail that actually provide the network, you would have been given the earliest date that Openreach can deal with the order. Openreach take orders from most other providers, so there will be other orders in front of yours, not necessarily from BT. 

This time of the year is exceptionally busy for Openreach, with people wanting service before Christmas.

You would normally place orders at least two weeks before moving in.

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Re: New service issue

Thanks. I guess I’ll just have to sit it out. I couldn’t place the order ahead of time because there was  a lot of uncertainty around completion of my house purchase and also because I had been using the very efficient Smarty mobile service in my temporary home where I was staying after returning from living abroad. I would have stuck with Smarty but, guess what, they are on the Three network which also has no coverage in my area.

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Re: New service issue

An expedite costs several hundreds of pounds, unless it's a BT error there's no justification for the extra cost.