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No Internet for 12 weeks?/FTTP/Openreach installation fail


I wondered if someone could kindly give some advice or insight.

I ordered FTTP in February and a date was set 6 weeks ahead.

Within two days Openreach appeared and said there was a blocked duct, they would need to send a dig team out to clear, I asked if this would be done by the date I was due to start with BT and they said there was plenty of time. The next day Openreach attended again, a different person, and asked if I had consented to the dig team, as there was no record of the previous day, so I again consented.

Nearing the switch date, I was concerned as Openreach dig team still hadn't appeared. I called BT who said they would look into it and text me, which sure enough they did the same day, confirming that 'all the required work and connection would be done in the same appointment'.

Roll forward to the installation date. An Openreach guy turned up but said he couldn't connect me as the blockage was still there. No dig team turned up or haven't since, so what I was told in the text didn't happen. In the meantime my previous broadband provider has cut me off and said they can't switch it back on, they work with weeks' notice and it is up to BT to get me connected. 

Speaking to the FTTP team I was told they would look into it, calling over a couple of days and told they were having to chase things up with Openreach.

I now have a text saying Openreach can take up to 12 weeks to do the dig (which would be mid-June). Given it has already been 6 weeks since they were aware and I have no Broadband.

Where can I go from here? I've been told incorrect information by BT/they by Openreach. Do I keep calling them? How can I get it escalated?  I don't want to make a complaint, I just want to be given the correct information and get the FTTP broadband I've ordered and was meant to be getting as planned!

Any pointers or advice would be much appreciated. 


Many thanks. 

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