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No compensation for BT fault and loss of service???

Hi All,


I have been with BT for years and years now and to be honest havent had that many problems with them.....except now!


Friday 15th June 2012 I called home from my mobile to be greeted with the message that the line was in use and could try later (something along those lines). I immediatly knew something was wrong as no one was at home to be on the phone. I continued to try to ring home through the afternoon to be greeted with the same message. When I arrived home that evening I tried to call the line again from my mobile whilst standing in front of the phone to get the same message. When I picked the phone up, there was a dead tone, no dial tone nothing. My first thought was that the phone, which had now started to have seen better days, was in need of being replaced. Unfortunatly as I didnt get paid for another week I had no option but to wait until I could buy a new handset, luckily I had my mobile for emergencies. On 26th June, I brought a new handset through the BT shop. When it arrived the next day I charged it for a bit then plugged it in...nothing!. Still no dial tone or working handset. I called BT faults dept to report the phone. The man went through the basics with me and was adamant there was no fault showing on the line check. After me having to advise I have done all the checks AND brought a new handset did he agree to send an engineer round to the house. This was only after telling me that if the fault did lay with me I would br charged £99. The engineer was booked for Saturday 30th June. The engineer came (out of his time slot) and wow what a miserable engineer he was. As I have not long paid to have my house re carpeted, I advised him that he would either have to remove his work boots or put the blue overalls over the soles. He had a good old moan about it before he went and changed his work boots to slip on shoes to remove when entering the house again. I advised the engineer what was the query and he tested the box on the wall. He advised that the line was showing as working fine and it was strange that I had no telephone service but I had working internet. He then did some other stuff and told me the line fault was was at the exchange and would need a specialist engineer to look at it. He said he would go and have a look at the green cab across the road and contact me on my mobile to let me know what was happening. I never did receive a call so waited in for an hour not knowing if I should leave the house or not.

After looking at the fault tracking online on the Monday it stated the fault should have been resolved on Saturday 30th. This clearly was the case. Through the week, it took me 6 phone calls to find out what was happening re my line and when it would be working. I was advised by a manager that she was looking after the query and she would be updating me through the time the line was not in service........never did I get 1 call to advise me what was going on.

Eventually on Thursday 5th July the phone was fixed and I was able to use it again. On Thursday evening, I called BT faults line to find out about compensation as I had been out of service for nearly 3 weeks. The man on the line advised that he would refund me back the cost of the line rental as compensation. I advised that this would not be acceptable as I should be refunded that anyway for loss of the line not working, Im not paying for something I cant use. I said I wasnt happy and wanted to speak to a manager. The man went away and got his manager who advised that the most he could offer as compensation was £10. I told him that I found that a joke as for 3 weeks I had had no service, had purchased a new phone, used my mobile and used my time to chase up a fault. I declined the offer of £10 and said I would contact Head Office. On Friday 6th July 2012 I emailed the high level complaints team and as of today have had no response.......Im absolutly disgusted at this. I would like for someone to look into this matter and contact me back as a matter of urgency in regards to a sensible offer of compensation.


I look forward to hearing from someone soon!


Kind Regards

Michelle McCabe

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Re: No compensation for BT fault and loss of service???

Welcome to this forum. This is a BT domestic customer to customer help forum, any messages posted here do not go to BT.

If you need to contact BT, you can use Live Chat  or  Contact BT  ,or telephone 0800 800 150

The compensation terms are at this link

Customer service guarantee


Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.

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Re: No compensation for BT fault and loss of service???

You had a fault which you raised and it took 8 days to fix and you're complaining because you've been offered pretty much one month's worth of rental.

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