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No internet connection and terrible customer service

I really need some help with this. I moved in to my FTTP ready flat over 2 months ago and despite ordering broadband immediately I still don't have an internet connection. The whole situation has been incredibly frustrating, I've spent hours on the phone, calling almost daily and yet I'm always told that the solution is just round the corner and to wait one more week.

I'm fed up of waiting. I wish I could just cancel my order and change providers but I haven't found any other provider who offer a connection to my flat which doesn't even have a copper line. This is really effecting my quality of life as I depend on an internet connection to socialise, study and relieve stress.

Here's a quick summary of what has happened:


  • 31st March - broadband service was meant to be activated but failed - red lights on the modem (the modem had been in place for several months before I moved in)
  • 14th April - Openreach engineer visits and is unable to rectify the issue, claims there's an issue with the line.
  • 17th May - after blameing the exchange, building and quality of work, another engineer is finally sent out, they identify the exact same issue the previous engineer found and subsequantly are unable to fix anything.
  • 24th May - an electrician visits and lays another cable/fibre line from my flat to the ground floor. The Openreach engineer comes to test the line and is happy that everything has been completed - all green lights on the modem.
  • every day since - I've called BT and they've answered with the same thing, they can't process my broadband order as the work to fix the line hasn't been signed off. Each time the customer services rep claims to escalate the issue and that Openreach will surely sign the work off or let them know of any outstanding work soon.


So it's been a week since the work was completed. Whilst I appreciate that isn't a particularly long period of time, when combined with the other issues and delays it's just unacceptable. I've spoken to the engineer who did the last round of work and he claims to have signed it all off on the 24th. I've also had further indirect contact with the engineer and they have continued to claim that the work is complete and signed off with nothing extra needing to be done.

I'm stuck. I find it hard to believe that the work has been signed off but hasn't yet propogated through the sytem because a) it's been a week and b) every day since I've asked someone from BT to chase this up and yet nothing has changed. In my opinion even if I wait another week, the work will still not have been "signed off". There's an issue here that someone needs to address, perhaps just phoning the engineer who carried out the work would help?!

It also concerns me greatly that from my experience BT have not been able to contact Openreach to resolve the issue. The first engineer who visited was booked by BT and I assume was part of their process to rectify the issue with my order. However after that engineer had been and gone my contact with BT was simply them making excuses and promising the issues would all be fixed only to find a week later that nothing had been fixed and instead it's now a different issue. It was at this point that I contacted the housing company who built the block of flats. They then sent out the other engineers and the electricican, finally resolving the issue with the line. So perhaps the issue is that because the engineers who fixed my line weren't sent out by BT there's therefore no record with Openreach that the work has been done?

What a mess. I've been promised 5 callbacks by BT, 4 of which never happened with the first successfull callback being this morning (hooray!). Suprise suprise I was told that the issue would be escalated and that I should wait until the end of the week for an update...

I won't be calling BT again. Spending over an hour on hold isn't my idea of fun, especially when I'm meant to be working. I've had enough.

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Re: No internet connection and terrible customer service

Try the  UK Order Live Chat Team

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Re: No internet connection and terrible customer service

I've tried them many times. I'm always told they can't help with FTTP issues and then asked if they can call me to transfer me to the FTTP team who I have probably spent 40+ hours on the phone to (including hold time).

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Re: No internet connection and terrible customer service

oh now i know its not just me,  due to repairs needing done i lost All connection for a far as customer service, THERE ISN'T NONE just a bunch of people who hardly speak a word of english(from what one BT rep told me, BT use a forgn C. Service agency not based in England because its cheaper) who only succeed in making matters worse, AND even though i was left without service all that time BT fully expected me to pay for that week....

Quite simply put, once this contract has ended, we're leaving.....BT are without doubt the worst broadband provider we've had the misfortune of joining.

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Re: No internet connection and terrible customer service

Hi @jackT256 and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry you're having so many problems getting connected. The only team that can help with this are the FTTP team. You can contact them on 0800 587 4787.


@mksmith Are you having problems with an FTTP order?





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Re: No internet connection and terrible customer service

@DavidM this is the major issue. No one other than the FTTP team can help me and the FTTP team are quite frankly useless (for quite a few reasons). I've also talked to a manager and she was no more helpful than the normal staff.

Is there nothing that anyone can do to help me?

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