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No wifi

How is this fair of bt to cut someone of for not paying a bill when they can't actually go to work because they have covid my some tested positive to covid middle of September my partner tested positive middle of August and now My on the 13th October still in isolation because of it spoke to someone in the chat on the 13th October bout not being able to work and they said they sorted it so I could pay my bill of on the 9th November when we will both b able to bring home a wage but now they sent a return your kit email and cut me of so now I cant work from home and nor can my son do his school work or my partner. This a very unfair of bt

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Re: No wifi

I hope you get well soon from COVID.

BT are private telecoms and entertainment business that's set up to provide various services to make a profit from the general public.  People will sympathise with your experience, however, systems and procedures in place won't.

Have you considered having your work pay for a business broadband line instead of using your residential service for business reasons?

Your school can arrange alternatives for your child.

I also advise, if you struggling for money then cancel your BT services.  If it's for work then have the work pay for a service for you.

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