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Not able to access anything other than mail

I am currently setting a new windows 10 PC up on behalf of my father in law - trying to setup BT cloud primarily and make sure of the settings.

I have had issues with this (covered and solved in a seperate post) but this is a general issue with the myBT.

Every time I successfully log in (can sometimes take 5-10 attempts even with the correct login details) the dashboard jumps directly to YahooMail - any link from here to 'My Account' or products etc kicks me straight back to the log in page.

I need to get to the 'My Products' page but am finding this impossible and massively frustrating.

I am using Chrome but have also tried in internet explorer and Edge.

Cookies and cache have also been cleared but this actually made it even worse at successful log ins.

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Re: Not able to access anything other than mail


Are you sure you are logging in as account manager?

See this similar post from a moderator

To check which role is attached to your BT ID, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to My BT >
  2. Click on Settings and Your account
  3. Scroll down and you’ll see if you’re an Account holder or Account manager

If your BT ID is linked to more than one account number, it's possible to have a different account status for each account.

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