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Not getting emailed bills suddenly

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I wondered if anyone else had had this problem - stopped receiving email notification of BT bills. I have unusually two separate BT accounts and 3 landlines (and 2 broadband packages). I was getting one account's bill to one of my email addresses and the other to my other  email address until about 2 months ago. Now they are simply not arriving at all to either email address. The one account that still has a paper bill as well is sending a bill by  post.

Instead I have had to log in each month to print out the bills.

Today I logged in and both accounts say I am down for bills by email (and one by post too).  The emails have not gone to junk or spam email on either email account.

Is there a way without having to call anyone at BT to see when I log in to my account to see the email address  BT hasd used since about 26 Nov. as it looks like someone at BT's end has changed the recipient of the emails from both my accounts in error.

My email logins for the two accounts are the correct email addresses. I have changed nothing and yet emailed bills have stopped coming. I have also done a full search on both email accounts and junk folders today. 26 October was the last of the regular emails to one of the accounts saying -  we have your bill ready.


I doubt BT has stopped telling people by email their bill is ready and it is particularly weird that both my accounts with two different email addresses are affected at the same time. I can still log in, pay the bills, print them etc. I have not changed email addresses or home address  for 20 years.

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Re: Not getting emailed bills suddenly

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Hi @Jane2018 sorry that you have not received your ebill alerts.

You can check the email address used for the alerts by logging into your BTID. Then select the "View Bill " option and on the left hand side you will see options for My bills, My Usage, My payments and My alerts. 
Latest alerts will show you the date the alert email was sent and Alert settings will show you the email address used for your alerts.


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Re: Not getting emailed bills suddenly

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That is so helpful; thanks.

Also just today I DID receive an email for one of my two accounts for the bill for December so may be I just accidentally missed the earlir one. Both account emails seem correct and it was good to be able to check it under alert settings.

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