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Not installed on installation day

My install time was between 8 am till 1pm.

Since last night I have received multiple text messages from Openreach saying everything was in hand and progressing.

What utter bull **bleep**! 

Up until 10:30 I was told by text by Openreach that an engineer was on his way.

Even giving me his name and mobile number.

Then at 1pm  I was texted that my install was completed, amazing really as no engineer had attended and there was no dial tone and the router was flashing purple!!

So I rang the engineer who stated that he had returned the job back to Openreach at 8am as his windscreen had been smashed, wow! I may have believed him apart from one thing.....

They used this same exact excuse with me before!!!!!

So the I rang BT and even they thought the job was complete.

After a wait and a call back, it has been re-scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

BT you need to have a new way of communicating with Openreach as they are a lying bunch. 

Fingers crossed for Wednesday but I am not betting on it.



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Re: Not installed on installation day

Did you move back to BT, or are you still with BT as in 2014, and just moved house?

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