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Re: Online Billing - not displaying billing & usage

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@earthmover45 wrote:

Hi @JohnC2 

Success !  It was the BTID that caused the problem as you suspected My now previous BTID from ~20 years ago is no longer accepted and the BTID has to be an email address. I do remember there was a similar problem with the now ceased BT HomeHub VOIP service years ago.

Stephen in Middlesbrough Tier 2 guided me through the BTID change and has now closed the BTIRXXXX4915 & VOL013-XXXXXXXX0233 cases. I am now fully able to see my Billing & Usage following the unexplained loss from May.

I cannot thank the Mods enough for getting this sorted out so quickly and one call from Stephen this evening fixed the problem which has been ongoing for 3 month.

The BTID as an email address is the Accepted Solution.



Hey @earthmover45 

Many thanks for posting back to let the Community know the solution to the problem you were having.  We're pleased to have been able to help you get this sorted out 😊

All the best,



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