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Only BT could mess up this bad

So here begins my 5 month nightmare with British telecommunication.


I moved into a new build apartment in July of this year, internet was included with every property via a shared network using a single fibre 1 connection, it was pretty speedy to begin with but we was one of the first people to move in, more people moved in and it became unusable, so called BT as I was a mobile customer.


To begin with they couldn't locate my property for about 3 weeks, could find everyone else apart from 2 numbers, me and next door, which didn't make sense but eventually they updated their records and said they could provide copper ADSL but fibre wasn't available even though the street we come off has, trying to explain this and they couldn't understand to sent a request off to Openreach, they came back with conflicting information, they said fibre is available on the street we connected onto but they only had 3 slots left, ok cool so enough for me to come on, BT then informed me that my address was still silver and not gold so they said before they can order fibre they need to install a phone line to change my address to gold, so I agreed to get the phone line installed.


date of the phone line installation came, I got a text to day my engineer would be with me between 10-12, awesome things started looking up, so I waited in burning through my data watching YouTube, one YouTube time travel later and its 6pm! No **bleep** came! wow Openreach cheers for that, call BT to see where he'd gotten to, they apologised and informed me that there is auto compensation which had already kicked in place before I called, awesome, when can you next get someone round? 2 weeks she's said, wow ok cool I'll see them then,

phone line then got installed and I was able to make a call, awesome sauce I got an emergency phone 😎 and waited for the call back that was booked in, get the phone call informing me that the cab is full, and there was planning put in to expand but was waiting council approval, which is fair, asked them what they could do about increasing my mobile data, so was put onto a 100GB plan with a free mini hub with 30GB to tide me over, pfft they haven't met me, the weeks go on and I'm researching and digging about and just coping with my data and the slow free wifi, to then discover that the apartments had two addresses, with two different post codes, I then get excited and call to see if they can do some digging on their systems.

someone from connections validated me and searched the alternative post cade, and in fact could see two lines coming into this block, one of which was an internet line and the other a single line with telephone only service, Which was me!!! we then started to place the order and he informs me that there is fibre available with a maximum of 51mbps, good enough for me pal, sign me tf upppp!!!

got a text with routers tracking number and got the router a day before activation, awesome this is happening tomorrow is gonna be a fun day!tomorrow arrives and the free slow wifi is down, my gut told me that they'd took over the wrong line but I thought logically and though probably cross wires, the Enginner will fix it tomorrow, he then come round and sends a tone down the line to identify me in the cab, but couldn't as there was cross wire!!! just as I thought, simple fix, he says that he needs to do the same test on my landlords line, so we get into where the router and network switch is and the Enginner look so confused, he said "I've never seen anything like this before I'm not sure where I need to be looking" it was a simple network, oh boy, I then go outside to find the pole and trace the wire and tell him to look, found the socket but its was a SSFP with no BT phone socket just DSL, he rips the socket off and puts his test thing onto it, alright then, he then says that he's sorted the issue and puts a new SSFP with a Phone socket, I mean not what was there but ok bro, said it was interfering with the lines.

go back into my apartment to connect the router up and see if it connects as I got a activation text before he was done, router didn't turn blue with its lush wifi signal, he then shows me the number he was installing and it was not my number! they did exactly what my gut told me! buggered right up, get on the phone to them immediately and explained that they have took over the wrong line and 26 apartments and a business has no internet now so they closed the order and terminated within 24hrs, the agent then informs me that my line was able to get, excuse me Hun King what!?!? get that **bleep** order plz now I don't care at what cost, orders been ordered and I'm a halo customer, my data is doubled and I get a new router but....

There is still 26 apartments and a business without internet and their old provider can't get them connected for another 2 weeks as BT still own the line 🙄 


the first router they sent me I begged an EE store to take it, they had no bags so had to find another, its like they really don't want they stuff back 


I'm sorry to ramble but this has just been a total nightmare and I just want wifi that can handle 4K streaming 

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Re: Only BT could mess up this bad

@ukphiza I'm so sorry to read about the difficulties encountered after ordering your BT service, I'm disappointed that we have failed you on so many occasions and would like the opportunity to help ensure this process goes smoothly from here on in. I'll send you a private message in a moment with detail on how you can get in touch with the moderation team.

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