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Open order from 08 Jun 2021 still showing on Track Order - can't get removed or order anything else

Hi All,

We went online at the start of June to check for fttp availability in our local area as next door had already had theirs installed previously.

We went through the ordering process for full fibre 900 plan and got to the checkout, only to be told that the package was not available and it could not be ordered.

However, even after calling BT themselves and also speaking to the fibre team to ask them why we could not have it (no actual issue getting it, just BT slowing installations due to Covid), the open order has remained on our tracking orders page and we can't now order the full fibre 900 package since BT have restarted installations.

So, how can we get an old order from 8th June removed from our account and off our tracking order page, noting too that this order was stated as not available for us and so should not have even been placed as an order.

The weird thing being that in our completed orders list there is another tracking number which has the exact same date and time as the still open order, and yet that is set as completed.

Any help would be much appreciated as BT themselves seem not to be able to clear this open order since June, over four (4) months now and we can't order fttp.

If there is no way to solve this then we will have no choice other than to go to another fttp provider, unfortunately.

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Re: Open order from 08 Jun 2021 still showing on Track Order - can't get removed or order anything e

Have you tried phoning the FTTP TEAM and see if they can help you clear order and place new order for FTTP  08005874787

OR  you can just leave if out of contract and try elsewhere

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