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Order Cancellation without Notification - 3rd time by BT!



I've been trying to search and see what may be causing my issue in the forums to no avail. With that in mind hopefully someone is able to help. Here is the long story....


I moved in to my house on 18/10 and chose to go with TalkTalk as they appeared to offer the best broadband services. TalkTalk then said that I could expect my broadband to be activated by midnight 09/11. On 08/11 I got an email saying that TalkTalk had cancelled my services without any consent or warning. To cut a long story short, I called them got some discount and was then told I'dhave broadband 21/11. Upon logging in I could see it was actually arranged for 29/11. As a result, I cancelled my order for TalkTalk and chose to go with BT thinking that if anyone could provide a decent service it was the organisation who owns the line. I placed my first order on 08/11 with BT for BT broadband (52mb package) online. Within 1-2 hours I could see online that it had been cancelled. Upon calling BT I was told there was an internal error and it had been cancelled. I was then given a discount and a new order was placed over the phone. The new order was for BT broadband and BT TV (with sport). Within a day or so I checked my order only to see it was cancelled. I called up again and was told I'd get a case investigator who would help resolve the cancellatons issue. When the investigator called they said that I placed two orders in quick succession which caused the issue (this wasn't the case) and that by placing a new order it would be resolved and my activation date would be 24/11. Yesterday I received an email saying my order had been placed. Thinking it was odd (as I already have an order) I logged in to MyBT only to find my order missing!!! I then called customer services who informed me my order has been cancelled and they will pass it to the investigations team (a new investigator) and that I could expect to recieve a call today.


In summary, I'm very concerned that something is inherently wrong and nobody is able to tell me. As an IT consultant I spend a fair amount of time at home supporting clients via the internet and not have a consistent connection is impacting my work. I desperately need a broadband connection and am concerned that my activation date will further slip and cause delays. Can anyone give any advice?

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Re: Order Cancellation without Notification - 3rd time by BT!

Hi @AJO29


Welcome to the community and thanks for your post!


I'm sorry you've had such a tough time getting your services connected and that your orders are being cancelled.  The community won't be able to help with this and as you've spoken with so many people already and are no further forward we will pick this up and help you from here.


Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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