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Outstanding cancellation bill after cancelling in 14 days



Last year I joined BT and had TV broadband and home phone. I cancelled within 14 days as we could never get a good reception, the wifi couldn't have more than 1 device connected  the engineer was so busy he fitted the router on the floor (not even enough cable to out a small table under it) on the opposite side of the room behind a couch and left a massive hole in the wall where he had drilled. I called BT within 24 hrs and they tried to sell me with booster box to which I said no. I stated I wanted to leave so they then booked and engineer to come out and sort it all in 2 days. I missed a day of work and nobody came so phone and cancelled. I signed up with sky and want everything back. I was initially sent the bill for the whole contract so phone again explained my situation  and they said it was cancelled and that would be the end of it. I just checked my credit report and it has dropped significantly due to an outstanding debt of £619 with BT!!! What can I do about this? Who do I speak to? My mental health isn't great as I've recently spent 3 weeks on a mental health ward at Oldham hospital and this is impacting seriously. Thanks for any advice or help

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Re: Outstanding cancellation bill after cancelling in 14 days

Speak with the billing team on 0800 800 150, they will have a record of the account, call recordings are also stored.

They are open everyday, opening hours are :

Monday until Friday 8am until 9pm
Saturday 8am until 8pm
Sunday 9am until 6pm

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