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Overbilled twice after moving home



I seem to have been overbilled significantly twice in the last months, and I don't seem to be able to get anywhere to a resolution in the phone, here is a summary:


- 01/04/15: I call BT to inform them that I would like to move all my BT services (phone (including international calls package) + broadband) to my new address from the 01/05/ of May. The person I spok to in the phone accepts the order and we agree on a plan including all these services of £45. He also said an engineer would have to come to activate the service on the 01/05/15, and that this would be booked for that day between 1pm and 6pm. He also said I should get a confirmation email in 2-3 days. It took 2 weeks to confirm the order.


- 16/04715: I receive an email from BT confirming the order, but in the order the activation date has changed from the requested date (01/05/15) to the 23/04/15. On the same day I receive a text from BT stating there has been an error in their system and that I should await further contact from BT. I call BT to check on the order, they said they are trying to sort it out, they will call me in the working days to confirm. They didn't.


- 23/04/15: No contact from BT, I call their customer centre and they now say there is no need to have an engineer present in the new premises as the services will come live on the 05/05/15. They also say the error has not yet been fixed but they will contact me in 2 working days to let me know what the status of the order is. They didn't get in touch. Called couple of more times that week, similar promises, same outcome, no contact or comfirmation.


- 05/05/15: Phone and broadband service is activated in my new address.


- 09/05/15: I receive my first bill on an email (£126.88), charged by Direct Debit on the 15/05/15. I have been charged for two different lines and broadbands (old and new address), plus £34 extra for international calls that have not been covered by the international freedom package. I ring them on the day, and the person I speak to says this (double billing plus international calls charge) was a mistake and the refund will be reflected on my next bill, and he promised he will get back to me in two working days to confirm these changes. He didn't get in touch.


- 08/06/15: I receive the new bill on an email (£120.87), to be charged on the 15/05/15. Overcharged twice almost three times the agreed package. I should have paid around £90 in two months and have ended paying £247.75! I ring BT again, and the lady I speak to after putting on hold for nearly 30 minutes, says they have charged me wrongfully, and that she would look into it and call me back in 2 working days to inform me about the refund. I told her that BT has said they call back many times, but they never did, and she said she understand this, but that she promised she would definitely call as she will be dealing with the case herself. She didn't call back.


Tomorrow is the 15/06/15, I feel I should cancel my direct debit and BT is dealing so poorly with this issue. I really don't want to continue my service with BT, as it has been mistake after mistake, broken promises. I know many telecommunication companies make mistakes, but this has gone out of control and I don't trust BT to solve this. 


Shoudl I contact the Citizens Advice Bureau? 


Am I in my right to cancel the service although the contract was for 12 months due to their incompetence?


Should I cancel my direct debit before they overbill me again?


If a BT moderator reads this, can you please get in touch? I don't really trust getting in touch with BT over the phone anymore.


Best regards,



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Re: Overbilled twice after moving home

Hi kobayashi,


Welcome and thanks for posting!


Sorry for all the confusion with your order to move home and that you've now been overcharged.  I can understand how you feel as I'd feel exactly the same if I was in your shoes!


No need to worry as we'll pick this up and straighten everything out for you.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to send over your details.





Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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Re: Overbilled twice after moving home

Hello Robbie,


Thank you for your email. I have just sent over the details as you requested.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,



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