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Package Order taking ridiculously long, still no service

Getting extrememly fed up with BT Customer services

Had an order of TV, Phonline and Broadband placed which was due to be installed on the 19th of August, when an engineer visit was supposed to take place, meaning i had to book the day off work. Engineer never showed up, I rang up asked why and they said something to do with external work to the exchange needing to be done. Cheers for letting me know that BT!

This was due to be completed on the 30th of august, and everytime i ring up to ask about it, they say the same thing along the lines of 'we are continuing to work to get the services connected we will be in touch by the xx/xx/xxxx' This has happened about 6 times now everytime they tell me it will be done a week or so later and it never is!

Ive completely lost Faith in BT, it just seems like the call centre staff will say anything to shut me up and i dont believe them.

I have the home hub and tv box at home so its all ready to go but it is impossible getting anywhere when trying to contact BT

If anyone on here can help it would be much appreciated and if not i need to know how to cancel my order and go with another provider.


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Re: Package Order taking ridiculously long, still no service

Hi liamokeelio,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!  I'm really sorry for the problems you are having with your order. 

The best thing for you to do would be to contact our order specialist team and allow them the chance to put things right. I will drop you a private message now which will include the link to the order team whereby you can chat with them online. This order team is based in the UK and will own your complaint until everything is sorted out.

Should you have any further problems after speaking with this team please let us know.


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