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Passed to a debt collection agency??

Good afternoon,

I have been away and just logged into my BT account to find out my account has been passed to a debt collection agency. Oh, and a bill of £600 for services I have not used!! The only reason it's this much is because BT kept messing up my package and putting me onto a new one. I had been with Bt and paying every month for a year previous. I am now home and want to just get my broadband back on and pay monthly but obviously I am not going to pay 600 to pay off a contract (which is insane to start with) with the vast majority of months having not been used. Not to mention all the issues I went through to even get the broadband in the first place.

Can someone help please as I have tried to call but I don't have hours to sit on hold.


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Passed to a debt collection agency??

You say you are just home suggesting you have been away from your home for a  period. Did you cancel your broadband and phone before you left?  If not then then it has been available at your home just it has not been used.  

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