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Re: Pay for Landline with FFTH and PAYG?

All broadband prices include line rental,

Your invoicing is complicated by the fact that you chose to pay what is now somewhat misleadingly called line rental saver, in reality, you pay a lump sum of around £220  in advance and receive something like a £20 discount for doing so, but  it makes comparing what you pay in subsequent months compared to someone who doesn’t use this arrangement difficult, your bill will have to incorporate the fact that you loaned BT £200 at the start of the term and they are going to give you £20 back.

The basic point remains , whatever price is shown on the website is the monthly total , you don’t have to add on some monthly line rental payment amount , it’s part of the amount displayed.

If the deal shown  broadband and phone service ,  6 months half price of £23 then £41 that’s it , unless any extras are purchased, like TV , Sport , 700 mins or unlimited inclusive calls ( if it’s were a broadband only package it would be £5 cheaper ) ….they don’t add line rental on top , irrespective of it being £23 in the first 6 months , or the £41 for the next 18 months , that is the fee for being supplied with service.

If you think that there is LR missing and those prices are misleading because there is £10 or £15 to add onto the £23/£41  for line rental , you are mistaken,  £23/£41 is the total price.

TBH , for the sake of £20 per year , I would prefer to have a slightly less confusing invoice, without the arbitrary additions and subtractions, misleading called line rental savings, when line rental is not a separate item when broadband is purchased 

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Re: Pay for Landline with FFTH and PAYG?

Re tbe price promise it will be related to this new customer halo 3+ price (for example) fact is you're not going to save what you think by removing tbe voice


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Re: Pay for Landline with FFTH and PAYG?

Hi iniltous,

Thank you for your considered replies, they are appreciated.

I realise BT now bundle up LL with their BB, making the way I have continued to pay my bill, with £220 annually in advance, seem at odds with their current billing practice. The reason I have been happy to pay in advance is that effectively I have been getting a return of over 8%, compared with the banks until recently of about 0.5%. The subsequent discount is actually quite easy to understand on my bill. (Did I actually say that?). The rest of it, well 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

My issue with BT is that they appear to be advertising a product to new customers which on the face of it is the same as what I have, though as has been pointed out I also have Halo 3+ which I thought was free or included in my BB package way back in time, but works out significantly cheaper. Am I paying £20/m for just the Halo 3+ benefits? Clearly the only way I’m going to clear it up is by speaking to BT, which I will do when I have a day to spare 🤦‍♂️

Thanks for your help. 


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Re: Pay for Landline with FFTH and PAYG?

Hi garybs29,

Yes, I suspect you are correct in the long run. 

I haven’t seen that particular price on my searches, do you happen to have a direct link?



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Re: Pay for Landline with FFTH and PAYG?

If you are getting Anytime calls for £1.70 that’s significantly cheaper than the £11 or £16 list price for Unlimited calls , £16 if you include the fact that telephony with broadband is £5  more that stand alone broadband, and Unlimited calls are £11 more than the ‘free’ PAYG option,

looking at your charges differently, if your bill is around £20 more than the same broadband package with PAYG for ‘new’ customers , if £11 of that difference was made up of the included calls, that reduces the real cost of your Halo 3+ benefits  spend to around £9.

As you intend to call and negotiate, the ‘basic’ new customer deal for broadband 150Mb , with PAYG telephone is £41 , with the first 6 months  half price , that £22x6  , spread over the 24 months of the term ( instead of £22 in the first 6 months ) is around £5 per month , so a target price I would suggest is around £36 , plus any ‘extra’ you add on need , if for example £11 for Anytime /unlimited calls represents value if you make many chargeable calls ,

I would have thought your Halo guarantee should be all that’s needed to get this sort price , or something close to it, 

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Re: Pay for Landline with FFTH and PAYG?

Hi iniltous,

Thanks again for your reply.

Yes, the more I look at it, and following communication with a BT bot, I can see what the charges are for. But by Jings, BT don't half make it difficult!!

They bundle the Line Rental in with the BB package, but don't itemise it or mention it, then give me a Line Rental Saver. They also add in the Halo 3+ and come up with an overall package price, then deduct the LRS. A year ago I moved from Fibre Halo 2 to Fibre Halo 3+ which gave me EE Hybrid and Wifi extenders, this was sold to me on the basis that my charges would reduce by £1/m, which they did (though I had to pay £9.99 for postage of the kit). I have just had Full Fibre 100 Halo 3+ installed so I am tied in for 12 months, but come next January I'll be looking to trim my package significantly (ooh err Missus!) and try and simplify it.

A big part of the problem in understanding my bill is that I think I am benefiting from old deals, like My Anytime at £1.70 and the LRS. 

Thanks again,


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