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Personal circumstances change

I'm trying to help a friend with a contract change. He had to change job, take a pay cut of the 50%, and change home. When notifying BT about this change and the need to downgrade the contract he was offered to buy additional services (yes, you are reading correctly). After discussing the different options with the operator and realising the current internet contract won't be available at the new address, he was offered to downgrade to Full Fibre 100 for over £63 (instead of the current £68) a month and more months on the contract or to pay a fee of over £700 to close the contract.
Because the whole pricing seemed to me over normal pricing, I investigated the matter further to find out he was lured into buying Halo 3+ six months ago, service he didn't need and that never worked as promised on the contract. The technique used was the same, the deal he had was not available at the current address so the operator suggested to go for the most expensive contract possible (as they did today with additional services after he said his personal circumstances have changed dramatically).
I'm shocked of these marketing practices and I'm trying now to bring the case to the competent bodies, but because my friend wasn't very good at defending himself, he probably won't be able to demonstrate his position. He complained only today, with my support, about the speed and the malfunctioning and there is not enough time probably for all the passages needed to get out of the contract or collect the evidences.
So thank you BT for leaving a vulnerable person paying for a service not delivered and £400 more than market price for a basic internet contract. Shame on you!

Just for the record: the complaint was open and closed straight away, no other option or empathy offered. 

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