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Plan change during contract

My broadband is abysmal for London and the cost has just gone from £24 per month to almost £44 overnight. As an OAP on a limited income I can afford such an increase. 

How can I change plans and any recommendations as to which one would be great.

BT's website is cumbersome, circular, confusing and unbelievably poorly designed. I can't find anything successfully and am constantly having to log in numerous times.

Just something straight forward from this company would be refreshing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Plan change during contract

First of all, have a read here and see if you qualify for BT Home Essentials, providing you're not already on this package, as I think it's currently only about £23 for broadband with no cpi price increases during the year.

If you don't qualify for the above, then have a read of this page here, ignore the links about what you can change online and use the telephone numbers towards the end of the page:

Contact them and tell them what you've posted here and how you can't afford it, and they should be able to change your broadband plan.

However, please note, that depending on what your current broadband service is with BT, they will probably only do a change of plan if you agree to sign up to a new 24 month plan on a reduced package.

If you are still in contract, you can still renegotiate your package, and as a last resort, it is possible to leave BT at any time, although you may incur an ‘early disconnection fee’ if you are still in contract.


I do not subscribe, so please do not always expect a reply.
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Re: Plan change during contract

Thanks for the helpful information.

BT in their great kindness knocked about £7 off my bill and the speeds suck.


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