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Please please help- suspended account

I'm really hoping someone could give me some advice, my story is a bit long so I'm going to try my best to stick to the main points!


Back in June I arranged for BT to take over my sevices, they took over my internet phone and TV and I also ordered an ariel at the same time as my house didn't have one. My services went live and the Ariel was installed on July 1st.


So the man arrived to instal the ariel, he made it very clear from the start that he was already at the end of his working day, but was jovial enough. He made a point of saying that the ariel, due to the fact that my house is in a dip, needed to go on the very top of the roof like all my neighbours, but that that was a bigger job. Instead of embarking on the bigger job he installed the ariel at the bottom, by the guttering. He then came inside and tried to tune the channels with no successs, so he went back out and returned with a black booster box which he attached behind the TV. I wasn't supervising what he was doing so didn't see him then tuning the channels, the next thing I knew was him informing me that he was done and that it would be £40. I explained I'd sorted payment through BT but he then said that this was a private arrangement between me and him as he'd got the booster from his van. Naturally I was reluctant to pay, but in order to remain polite I just told him I didnt have any cash on me as I wasn't expecting additional charges, he then looked around and said that he would take my sky boxes instead for him to sell. I allowed him to take them as by this point I was very uncomfortable and wanted him out of my house.


When he left I started playing with the box and discovered the signal wasn't great, I informed BT, nothing was done so I informed them again a little later and they sent an engineer out, I was clear with them that it was an ariel problem but they sent an engineer who couldn't touch that, he said he'd get them to send the correct engineer out, and still nothing despite more phonecalls since.


Long story short, most of my normal channels have been unwatchable since installation 3 months ago, my account has been suspended because BT refuse to let me bring payments up to date (I have made the first months payment and installation charges, my outstanding bill is 2 months and the Ariel) without paying for the ariel which is not fit for purpose, I've begged them to let me just pay the monthly amount to keep my account active. All I want is to not be bullied in to paying for something that isn't fit for purpose.


I have today recieved an email, despite still being in mid communication with them, saying 'Goodbye'! I honestly couldn't believe it, it just says you havent paid so we are closing your account and you will be billed a £430 cancellation fee!!


I am in complete shock at how I have been treated, it's the sort of thing I'd expect from a dodgy cowboy workman not a company like BT! I've encountered so much rudeness from custome service agents I've come off the phone in tears...


Where do I go from here? I have logged it this morning with the communication ombudsman but that could take 12 weeks. I'm a self employed single mum, not having internet greatly affects me making a living, I can't wait 12 weeks, however I have principles and refuse to be bullied into paying for this to get my services reinstated.


Any advice such as a contact number or email adress that actually gets you through to a department capable of helping would be greatly appreciated. I really can't bear another call to the regular number.


Just to rub salt into the wounds, I was due a £100 card and £40 next vouchers as joining incentive, when I was on one call in early july I asked how to claim them and was told to go online but then the man said actually I'll do it for you now then said it was sorted and they were on there way.... they never turned up!


BT - if you are listening, please just let me pay my bill!



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Re: Please please help- suspended account

Hi @bubbelou,


Your story has caught me off guard. Under no circumstances should anyone put pressure on you or try to make you buy something you didn't ask for especially when they're in your home. This needs to be investigated for you. You can get in touch with me by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. It's taking about 5 working days for us to respond at the moment but we will be in touch with you and we will do all we can to help you.





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