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Poor Customer Service from BT again

This is my experience of placing an Order for Phone/ Infinity2 / TV
I'm currently around £400 out of pocket!!

In January I placed an order via Topcashback and the BT web Order site for a combined BT Broadband Infinity / Telephone / TV package.
By ordering in this way I was due £115.50 rebate from Topcashback and a £125 Sainsbury gift voucher.from BT
The order was not fulfilled despite me being at home all day
Once I was able to discuss this with BT Customer services which took several phone calls and 8 days, I was forced to place a new order including a second payment
I was promised that the full payment for my initial order would be refunded immediately.
I am still waiting for £162.52 out of my initial payment of £211.85 to be refunded. In addition I have not received a rebate via Topcashback or the promised Sainsbury voucher for ordering online.

Placed an order via topcashback and the BT online ordering site for BT infinity 2 / Phone / BT TV Entertainment.
Delivery of equipment confirmed for 6 February
Engineer visit confirmed for 10 February 1pm - 6pm
£211.85 paid by credit card

Equipment delivered
Arranged to work from home all day but BT engineer did not arrive. The Order page and phone service kept telling me that the engineer would arrive prior to the end of the time slot.
At 6pm attempted to call customer services to find out when the engineer would now be arriving. Customer services promised contact on 12th between 08:00-20:00 Case number VOL012-********

No contact received
Contacted Customer services and promised it would be followed up and she would make a call back following day to check

Text message to say next contact due 17th Feb
19:15 Called customer services put through to engineering team (indian) explained the ongoing saga
Call ref VOL012******** @ 19:39 promised call back before 8pm
No call back so used Bt Live Chat
Very sorry to hear that, we don't have access to customer orders/account to check and advise you on that, you need to call order management team and they will check that for you on 0800 731 0286
Called customer services at 20:00 took 20 mins to speak to someone. Again he checked order and found it was with call order mgmt. Suggested calling when they were open 8-8 as he could not put me through then.

08:00 called order mgmt spoke to uk person and put through to india then after being on hold put back to uk for order to be re-done.

Told that I needed to pay a second time the full amount of £211.85 and the initial amount of £211.85 would be refunded immediately.

BT Engineer arrived at 13:00 just within the scheduled time slot of 08:00 - 13:00
Service installed

Received Bill and £49.33 from £211.85 refunded

Called to request remaining £162.52
Promised that the refund would be done in 7 days

Call Customer services and promised Refund of £162.52 in 5 working days

20 minute call to india
claimed refund credited to new account
Then told that it would be refunded to my bank in 7 days

Entered Claim for Sainsbury Gift token and received email acknowledgement that the claim would be checked.

call india customer services 16:38
quoted account GB********
asked to speak to manager
girl on desk took details but refused to transfer me.
promised refund of £162.52 within 5 working days.
Call back promised on Friday 15th after 17:00
I don't have a lot of confidence in this promise as I was told the same on 13 Apr and did not receive the refund.

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Re: Poor Customer Service from BT again

Hi metcas,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


I'm really sorry about the problem with your order and the subsequent issues experienced trying to get your refund.  I've removed the references from your post as this is a public forum and this type of info should be kept private.


If you need any help getting this sorted please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to assist. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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