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Poor Customer Service

I dont know if anyone else is having problems but here we go with my long list:


So... I was looking for broadband and tv back in october and came across BT with the offer of £125 sainsbury voucher when taking out the infinity package. Sounded great, ordered it and was given an installation date the next week.. Happy days.. But obviously was too good to be true.

After recheduling the appointment twice, 3 weeks later I finally get an engineer to fit my line. The telephone was activated however the broadband and tv were not. After a couple of phonecalls, finally the broadband and tv came on but still all was not well. The extra channels I ordered and BT sport were not active. 

So another couple of phone calls and another week later finally I could watch the channels I ordered.

Then out of the blue, the phone went down for 4 days, yet another load of phone calls to get it sorted.


All went well for about a week or so but then the tv decided it was going to mess up. Could not watch the extra channels, my recordings messed up. They either only recorded 1 or 2 minutes of the programme or after 5 minutes of watching it would skip to the end and say "playback has ended". just over 2 months now and still an ongoing problem.

I was told by many people on the phone I had to turn the box off, turn it on again. Or factory reset the box.

Finally someone was honest with me and told me there was a software issue so again we factory reset the box and updated the box software. I was told this should resolve the problem and all will be ok again.

Checked it all while on phone with technician and was working. 10 minutes after the call ended the problem came back.


I am getting sick and tired of phoning up and getting lame excuses from a multi million pound company about how they are working to fix the problem. 2 months? Really?


One day while I was at work, my disabled wife decided she would phone up and complain as she gets the most use out of the TV. The person on the phone told her to turn the box off and on. She stated she was unable to and the response she got was " what do you mean you can't? ". She then explained she was in a wheelchair and unable to reach. Understandable no? Well... the person on the phone came back with this response.. " well you managed to turn it off before ". Disgusting. How dare you treat someone with a disability like this.


So when I got a phone call at work from a very distressed and upset wife, I came home and phoned the wonderful customer services to explain their actions.

I was assured that this was totally out of order and the staff member would be dealt with.


Throughout all these issues, I have been offered a number of compensation amounts to be added to my account however after speaking to someone today, there is no record of any of this.

Also after the discrimination complaint, I was offered my months bill to be waived as way of apology. Again, there is no record of this.


So the latest problem, I woke up yesterday to discover I have been cut off. Got onto the online chat team who phoned me and said the services would be manually activated again and within 24 hours they will be working. He then transferred my chat to the TV technical team to speak about the issues with the youview box.


So I waited and waited, and still no services. I spoke to someone on chat this morning and have been told the bill is overdue and services wont return until the bill is paid. Here is my problem with that.....

First of all, I was under the impression the bill was waived due to complaint. Also if a bill is overdue, surely the countless amount of people I have spoken to since the last bill date would have mentioned the bill was overdue? Clearly not. 

It seems that when I need help, I get told anything to get me off the phone but when its the other way round, you are quick to cut me off.


The person on the chat today even stated that there was open complaints being dealt with. Well how can the issues be resolved with the services being cut off? Also I can't even dial 150 from my phone. What good is that? Surely the freephone number should still work if you are wanting a customer to phone up and sort the bill out.


Someone needs to answer for all of this and get my services back on. I have a disabled wife for which I need my phone to make calls relating to my wifes needs and health but at the moment, I can't do any of that.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

oh and 1 thing I forgot to add in.... on 22/11/2014 I claimed my sainsbury voucher online. was told within 30 days I will receive it. Nothing!!

Phoned to complain to be told " we dont deal with that, speak to online team ". So I did. Apologies and told the voucher would be sent out within 5 days. Again... Nothing!!.


More calls, more chats online to be told the voucher was being ordered again. Got a second confirmation email for the claiming of voucher and will be with me in 30 days... Guess what comes next?? Nothing!!.


This is something for trading standards as you are in breach of the misrepresentation act 1967.


If these problems arent all dealt with, I will be contact trading standards as you are in breach of contract.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

Hi Davedcosta,


Welcome to the community forum. Reading your post, I am really sorry to hear about all the problems you have had with BT. I would like to take a look at the details of your complaint. Please could you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: Poor Customer Service


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