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Poor service and complaints ignored

 can an organisation that puports to be a leader in the field of communications not have an email adress or a proper method of raising a complaint. I have a family sim with 3 phones , one of those phones belongs to a vulnerable adult who is getting nuisance calls so I tried to change the number. On 19th March I was told it would take 1 to 3 hours to complete. A week later I treid again as nothing had been done. Lots of excuses and a promise it would be definately be done in the next 3 hours. Still nothing so I phone and complain, because its now a complaint it will be done personally but this will take 3 days. Guess what 3 days later still no number. So I complain again now the escalated complaint will take 5 days. I thought that if you complained about poor service it made things happen quicker with BT it just slows everything down. Cant wait to leave

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