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Price Increases from 1/12/2014

Just received a letter and leaflet from BT detailing the price increases.


Are BT trying to make pricing so complicated that we will not be able to understand them?


They are introducing an additional line rental called Line Rental Plus which will have additional facilities and cost an additional £2 a month. Those who are not paying by direct debit will be transferred to this package with no choice. They are however ending the £2 processing fee for those nor paying by direct debit. Seems to be a con way of charging those not paying by direct debit more!!


I can not find any mention in the letter or leaflet about Caller Display. When the price increases were published last year a charge for Caller Display was introduced but it remained free if a new 1 year contract was taken out.


Looking on BT website I can find no mention of charges for Called Display other than last years announcement.


So what is the position this year? Are there charges for Called Display and if so where can we find details?






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Re: Price Increases from 1/12/2014

Hi, This is all I could find last week when I was searching...........↓  ↓  ↓  looks like £1.75 a month.

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Re: Price Increases from 1/12/2014

Companies like BT have been over-complicating their prices for years.  What bugs me about the letter is that it's personally addressed to me, yet only lists some of the price rises that apply to me.  I then have to visit their web site to discover the rest of them.  Even that's not totally transparent, as I have to follow another link and enter my account details to find the last few price rises.  There may be a lot of surprised customers in December who find that their bills have gone up by a lot more than they were expecting.


The caller display is still free if you agree to a 12 month phone contract.  So when your current contract ends, they will start charging.  You then have to agree to a new contract to get it free again.  It's BT's trick to lock customers into endless rolling contracts that you can only get out of once a year - or twice when you count the option to cancel whenever BT announce their latest price rises.

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