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Re: Price Rise 4K Max

I've raised complaint now - the bill isn't confusing.

The increase is shown on the bill as an extra £4pm for the BT Max and £2.58 back charge to 28 July for part month of the £4 increase. Works out exactly and is detailed as such.

But on 17 June I recontracted with the gaurantee of no £4 increase. This was done on the 'phone because the gaurantee link of no extra charge wanted to add £5pm to keep the cost the same.

using Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited with BT Max 4K package.
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Re: Price Rise 4K Max

3 months into a new contract I tried and got the "get you on the Plus service for no extra cost (normally £3 a month) and avoid the £4 increase" but that would tie me in for another 18 months starting from sign up date (sneaky). This was after many confusing calls with the help line where info of my calls and deals offered were not correctly recorded which exacerbated the issue no end. Bills are a lot clearer but not designed for ease. I think this is the HDR charge by back door?

No real competition around here so no give.  Better deal for new joiners and next to no brand loyalty.

Virgin, says man with digger, are  digging up the estate, putting duct in, lots of plinths being set up (Plinths mean powered cabinets, mean fast network). Looks like I am likely to get a better deal when my contract with BT is up. 

Which will be a pity as BT does 4k sport really well.


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