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Price for fibre 1 package

This is just a simple question regarding the fibre 1 package price, has the price for this package ever been £35.99 in 2022?

I only ask this because my parents signed up thinking they were signing up for the fibre 100 package a month or so ago but actually signed up for the fibre 1 package. Their last ISP was shell who were just terrible, so I referred them to try BT it's cheaper and faster with better customer service.

I actually phoned BT for them asking is this correct, a manager actually phoned me back after listening to the phone call when they agreed to the package. I asked him are you sure it was for fibre 1 because £35.99 sounded a bit high for your 50mb package but I was told this is correct the package price for fibre 1 was £35.99 back in May!! 

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Re: Price for fibre 1 package

If BT sold it at that price and a manager confirmed the price, it would have been correct at the time of sale. BT publish their prices and they can't add more to the published price but they can discount if required. For instance, if you take multiple products or services from them at point of sale. Any retailer has the option to do this.

Fibre 1 is currently available from some comparison sites at £31.99 as an online only offer.

FYI this forum is a BT Retail customer to customer help forum so an any advice or views you get will be those of existing customers and not BT employees 👍

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Re: Price for fibre 1 package


do you parents use their landline for calls?  if they do did they take a calls package with their broadband package?  Packages no longer in include calls and you need a phone package or go PAYG so paying for every outgoing call. Call package will increase the basic broadband package

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