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Price promise? - Halo package -

I noticed on my bill today that my "special offer" was due to end on 13th of this month so they have adjusted my bill to account for the days that aren't covered by the special offer.

I then decide to check their current offerings on packages and notice while it is on sale a similar package is offered at £29.99 (Usually £39.99). What actual benefits am I getting for paying £49.99 a month for it? They are throwing Xbox's etc at all the new customers but those of us that renew directly don't actually benefit in the slightest.

The bit I don't get is that they have this fantastic promise:

Our price promise

Your bill won’t go up when your contract ends and you’ll never pay more than a new customer.

A new customer would now be paying £29.99 a month for the same broadband package I'm paying £49.99 for. Do I really have to wait for my package to end to be thanked for any loyalty....Meanwhile you'll charge me the extra £20 a month over a new customer until my contract ends in 6 months. The above promise isn't all that great.

I keep being told I am on a Halo Package but all I can see is Halo offered as an additional benefit at a monthly cost. I can get exactly the same broadband package for £29.99 so as a price promise why would I be charged £49.99?

Is there are a large refund coming once the package ends for the additional we pay over new customers and a new Xbox?

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Re: Price promise? - Halo package -

Same my mum was on hospital long term and missed her renewal of contract now paying double than new customers spoke with bt about it reduced by 10.00 pounds but still more than new customers 54.99 broadband n 22.00 tv bill always over 100 when usually was no more than 65! Loyalty proves nothing 

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