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Problem transferring phone & broadband

Hi, been absent for a while but could do with some help.


My daughter moved out of her old house on 13th February and then moved into her new house on 1st March. I placed an order to cancel her broadband and land line and to start at the new property on the 10th February. Everything cancelled at the old house but 6 orders later, she is still waiting to be connected at her new house.


I have been given a dedicated person based in the UK Connections Team who role is now to see that this connection should go through because of the repeated cancelled orders.


This young lady has placed an order for land line on the 3rd March for an activation date of the 14th. I am informed that on some occasions it is not possible to place and order for phone and broadband to commence together and this is one of those occasions. Land line first, then hopefully broadband by the 19th - she will see if she can get it any quicker once land line up and running.




1. Why do some orders need phone and broadband ordering separately when the previous owner had phone and broadband from BT? Is it not a simple switch over? 

2. The date of the 14th is the date the line will become available. I am told the seller has requested not to release the line until that date. So my daughter has a house with an active phone line beloning to the seller! The young lady cannot break the agreement with the seller despite me knowing that the seller has not given the 14th to stop her services but the 1st! "But the computer says the 14th" 


Where do I go from here, is it simply a case of waiting for the 14th? I am just a little concerned as my daughter is heavily pregnant and it is now nearly 4 weeks since I started the home move for her with BT.




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Re: Problem transferring phone & broadband

If there's an active line then I don't think the takeover date can be brought forward. It was an ofcom ruling to prevent slamming a few years back now.

I'm not sure why the line and BB cannot be activated together.
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Re: Problem transferring phone & broadband

Just thought I would give an update.


Phone line was activated on the 14th March. In the meantime the local cabinet is now full and my daughter can no longer have Infinity. Reluctanltly accepted that ordinary broadband be installed which would normally be installed in 5 days but they will fast track this so installation will be 21st March. This request to fast track has subsequently been declined, twice. Openreach maintain that their system the request for broadband is a tranfer and therefore the lead time is 14 days from request. So activation is the 31st. No change to date.


So in essence, I have followed the online procedure, placed an order to transfer her services on the 11 Feb. All services will (hopefully), be active on the 31st March - phone and normal 2mb broadband rather than Infinity and BT Connections stating they are trying their best to sort this out. 


Not convinced at all.




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