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Problem with my order

I ordered BT infinity on the 23rd of October. It wasn't until an openreach engineer installed my phone line a few days ago that BT informed me that my broadband order had been automatically cancelled by their system as I didn't have a phone line installed...

Today I received a call back from a customer service agent saying my broadband order would be activated on the 27th of this month (Three weeks after the original date given) and refused to confirm what package I would be expecting etc.

Online chat can't confirm if my order has gone through or not and it's not showing on my account either.

Not entirely sure who to turn to next.
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Re: Problem with my order

Welcome to this user forum.


A working BT Retail phone line is needed before any type of broadband can be installed, as its needed as part of the provision and commissioning process.


Is your phone line now working?


Whether BT Infinity will be available depends on there is space left in the cabinet, otherwise normal broadband would have to be provided.



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Re: Problem with my order

Yeah the phone line is now working.

I realise a phone line is needed before broadband hence I ordered them both at the same time and was assured this would be fine.

The thing I'm most annoyed about is the cancellation of my broadband order without informing me at all.

What happened was the 'tech check' automatically cancelled the broadband order as it came back that there was no phone line and the person on the phone admitted that shouldn't have happened. I've now had to reorder the broadband and start the wait all over again.
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