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Problems Activating BT ID



Just wondering if anyone can help as I’m going round in circles talking to a chat bot and can’t seem to get anywhere.

I currently have a BT landline and have Fibre being installed on Tuesday this week. I have an old account number from when I was with BT about 9 years ago and that seems to be the one linked to my BT ID that I have been using. However it is not showing any products or services on my account.

However since placing the fibre order I am getting emails asking me to activate my BT ID and when I try it does not accept the account number that I have.  I have received no bills or letters from BT so don’t know if they have given me a new account number. Is there any way that I can find out my account number? And if my broadband is being installed on Tuesday should I have received the router/hub by now?

Many thanks


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