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Problems and complaint with my BT service and account



This message is intended to be directed towards Warren Buckley, though I understand that he cannot be contacted personally, even though I have received emails and letters addressed from him. If someone in his team could help this would be very much appreciated! The service I have received from BT over the last 6-8 weeks has been nothing short of appalling, and I am seriously considering changing providers. In early October I received a bill for my BT Broadband at a charge of £53.85. My bill would normally be in the region of £18 - £20. I contacted BT to enquire why this bill was so high and was informed it was due to my Broadband usage, streaming etc and that my allowance was 10GB download per month. I decided that my best option would be to increase my allowance to unlimited download. I am a Sky TV Sports subscriber, and being a BT Broadband customer and a football fan, I decided I should subscribe to BT Sports as it is free to do so. I was informed that I would have to have a phone line and Broadband on the one account to avail of BT Sport. My dad paid for the phone line, and when I asked a colleague of yours about merging the my account and my dads account, I was informed that, even though we are living at the same address, this was not possible, so I decided to take the phone line and the Broadband under my account. I placed this order on 14th October 2013.  This is the point where problems started to escalate.


On 26th October, I received an email from BT explaining information about stopping my BT service, quoting my order number VOL012-*******. The email explained that if I didn't contact BT by midday on 28th October 2013, my BT phone line, unlimited anytime plan, BT privacy and BT privacy at home - free caller display would stop. I didn't view this email until Monday 28th October and was in work when I did so. As a result my family's BT services, including phone line and Broadband were stopped, completely cut off. This caused great disruption and inconvenience for me and my family!


I constantly contacted BT in the following days to inform them of the problems I had encountered using my mobile, informing them that I had not requested or wished for my BT service to be stopped, that I hadn't requested to move from BT, contrary to information they were giving me; that they had received information that I wanted to leave BT, this was definitely not the case. The service and assistance I received from BT was extremely poor, being passed from technical help to ordering department and back to technical help, with the BT operator never actually understanding my problems or knowing how to assist me. Communication problems and language barriers were often a major problem.


When my BT phone line was restored on the 6th November 2013, we had been given a new BT phone number . As you can imagine this would have been extremely inconvenient as we have had the same phone number for over 30 years, with all our friends and family knowing that number, and we were not in position to change our number at this stage! After one week and more dealings with BT staff, our old phone number was restored . As you could imagine, this was very inconvenient for me and my family!


However, our Broadband service was not restored until 20th November 2013. This is almost an entire month after the service was stopped. I am extremely annoyed about this. What has frustrated me further is the bills we have received. My dad received a bill for his account (GB *****) with a bill date 7th November 2013 for £94.65. My dad paid this bill on 18th November 2013 and his account, as far as I am aware has since been closed. I have now received a bill on my account, which I have viewed online, for £70.05. This includes a late payment fee of £7.50. My account number is GB ******. My payment history shows 30th August - £23.85; 14th October - £53.85; 12th November - £40.85. I now have this bill of £70.05 on 26th November. A breakdown of this bill shows that I have been billed for BT Broadband services that I have not used and could not use due to my service having been stopped!


I would like you to explain why I have been billed in this way and to come up with some sort of solution as to what you can do about this. I am not prepared to pay this bill until this has been resolved! I am extremely disappointed and let down by the service I have received from BT and my view of BT as a reputable company has been completely changed! 


Please contact me about this at your earliest convenience.





Stephen Cunningham 



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Re: Problems and complaint with my BT service and account

Hi Stephenc57,


Welcome to the community forum and thank your for posting. It does sound like you have been through a bit of a nightmare. I would like to take a look at the details of your complaint. Please could you send me in your details using the "Contact Us" link found in my profile?





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